I Met A SS Housewife On Facebook

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Joa2013 Wrote:I met a lady who I later found out is married on Facebook, we have been chatting since October 2014 but met eye to eye in July 2015 in Ile-Ife. She came to collect her degree certificate and I used the opportunity to check on my younger brother at OAU. She lives in Ibadan while I live in Akure. She is very beautiful but looked a bit shy and worried. I tried to be nice to her and to be a real friend. I liked to date her but concealed my intention at first so as to know who she really is and what she wanted from me. We see once in a while until February 2016 when I travelled to Ibadan for a business transaction. I called to tell her I'm in town and she came to where I was to say hi as usual. She waited all through my transaction at Challenge, after the whole thing I drove her to her house bus stop while on my way back to my base. She held to my hand and gave me one sexy look, l got the message immediately and drove to a nearby guest house where we had one of the greatest Bleep l ever had. She told me she is married with 2 kids after the episode but that her hubby had little or no time for her since she is a second wife. It baffled me that such a young and beautiful girl could agree to be a second wife in this time and age. I have bleeped her three more times in February and March, intact each time I'm in Ibadan which is once in about two weeks. l love to stop it but she cried when l mentioned it to her. She's even been begging to help raise money for my feed distributorship trade. l don't really know what to do. I'm going to Ibadan this morning again, I didn't tell her really but she has been on my neck since Saturday, wanting to know when I'm coming. She even said that the first amount of N700k is ready, asking that l send my account details for transfer. This is a big dillema for me. I don't really know how to get over this, she cries anytime l don't pick her call or switch off my phone to prevent her from calling me.
MY WIFE WILL KILL HERSELF IF SHE FOUND OUT, though she has never doubted me or been suspicious of my dealings.


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