IK Ogbonna : Reasons Why You Should Buy Original Cloth(Don’t be surprise)

I.K Ogbonna is a Nigerian/Nollywod Actor,Model and gets it right when it comes to fashion.He had a little chat with Punch News ,read what he said below

What do you consider when shopping for new clothes?

I don’t really shop for clothes because I have local designers who make clothes for me and bring them. Then I pay them. So I don’t really do much clothes shopping. I mostly shop for inner wears and accessories and perfumes because no matter how good-looking I am, if I don’t smell nice, I don’t feel good.

How often do your local designers bring clothes for you to buy?

Every week. Like I said, I have many of them who work for me and bring varieties for me to choose from. Due to the nature of my work, I have to look good every time. My appearance matters a lot.

How long do you wear a particular cloth?

I get attached to some clothes and if that be the case with a particular cloth, I can use it for as long as 10 years. And this is where quality comes in. If you don’t buy quality clothes, you can’t enjoy their usage in the long run.

What do you do to your old clothes?

I give them out. However, if it’s a cloth I am attached to, I don’t.

What do you then do with them in the long run?

I keep them in my wardrobe. Whenever a need arises for me to use them again, I dust them off and put them on. Most of them are always useful in the end. There will be still be a time for their usage.

Do you give your old clothes to people you know or people you don’t?

Both. I really don’t have preference when I give out things. I just do it from my heart, no matter who it is. I could give to someone I know and I could also give to someone I don’t. Giving should not be done to only the people you know or else there is no blessing in there.

Do you do laundry yourself?

I have a maid who does it for me at home. Laundry takes time and if you’re a busy person, you might not have the time to do it. In fact, I spend most of my time in hotels, so once I have dirty clothes, I call their laundry departments and they launder them for me.

Which clothes do you prefer to wear — local or foreign designers?

I always admire our local designers. Some of them make amazing designs which look good on you. Some of them that I patronise, their products make you conclude that they are thinking out of the box. I am not a foreign designers freak. I love local designers who do great jobs. As long as a cloth looks good on me and I’m comfortable in it, it’s okay with me. It’s only when it comes to shoes and perfumes that I can go for foreign designers.

Do you allow your friends to wear your clothes?

I am so particular about clothing and like I said, if I love a particular cloth very well, I cherish it. However, nothing stops me from giving a friend my cloth to wear, depending on the type of friend and how close we are. A close friend might be in an emergency situation and might need my cloth; I can give them.

What is the maximum amount you can spend on a shirt?

I can spend as much as I like on a shirt I really love, but not exceeding N150,000.

How do you keep your clothes looking new for years?

I hang them and air them. I don’t often fold my clothes because when you fold them all the time, they get wrinkled and ironing them all the time causes them to look old quickly. When you also fold your clothes, bacteria can hide in them and you wouldn’t know. Hanging your clothes makes air to penetrate and free them of all bacteria.

What tips would you like to give to people when buying clothes?

First, buy what you’re comfortable in. You have to feel good with whatever you’re wearing. If the clothes are not comfortable to put on, you’ll not be able to carry yourself and dressing is all about carriage.

Second, do not copy someone else. Buy what looks good on you. A particular cloth may look good on your friend and not look so on you.

Lastly, smelling good is good business. Go beyond looking good; smell good. Buy a nice perfume and wear it. You don’t know who you’re going to come across. You may put them off if you’re not looking and smelling good. So, always get prepared for first impressions.

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