Incredible transformation of woman after undergoing life-changing surgery on Facial Tumour

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Samira Benhar had been rejected by her own husband and become and outcast in her home town  A woman whose face was left disfigured by a massive tumour has had an amazing turnaround thanks to surgeons.

Samira Benhar found herself isolated and alone after the massive facial tumour left one side of her face hideously mutated.

The 39-year-old mum of two, who was disowned by her own husband due to the condition, was given a lifeline by Doctor Pedro Cavadas , a world-renowned surgeon in reconstructive surgery and implants.


He has been treating the patient for 13 months at Manises Hospital, in the city of Valencia in the eastern Spanish region of the same name.

Samira, of Casablanca in Morocco, was first spotted by a pharmacist with her head in her hands and walked over to see what was wrong.

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She said “I was very damaged both physically and psychologically.”A woman approached me and talked to me. When she saw my face she asked for a photo. I didn’t have one so we went to a shop.

“Later she said to me, ‘I am not promising you anything, but I am going to do my best to help you.’”Thanks to the pharmacist her story reached the ears of the famous Spanish surgeon, who decided to help her saying he knew there would be a “great surgical improvement.”

He said: “This is a genetic illness, rare but not so infrequent and the treatment consists in trying to make the face symmetrical. Fortunately the tumours are benign.”


The treatment was funded by the Adra Foundation and the Cultural Islamic Centre.

Samira spent 13 months in Valencia and underwent various procedures to completely remove the neurofibroma from her face as well as to get an ocular prosthetic put in.

Samira gave a press conference together with Dr Cavadas and could not stop the tears from flowing as she thanked the team for her “new life”.

She said: “Today I am very happy, I will never forget everything they have done for me.”

She is now reportedly on her way home to see her 9 and 12-year-old sons for the first time in a year who are waiting for her in Casablanca.

The Adra Foundation will now help to find her a house and a job to sustain her family.

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