Introduction To Bitconnect

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If You have landed on this page,I Congratulate you! You!! Yes I mean You!!!.Many have seen this post and stroll by ,not because it wasn't relevant but because they are still ignorant of the money making power.

We are in the age of Crypto-Currency! Either you like it or not .It is here to stay.I will walk you through all you need to understand about Bit Connect in the Next Paragraph....Please Pay Attention.

My Name is Temitope Omotosho I earned 6 figures monthly selling and buying Crypto-Currency,many wonder how i have been so successful over the know what? i will tell you a secret....Risk!

When I see an opportunity as a successful businessman/investor from a quarter mile i can tell where its headed.Follow me on this Journey and I bet my bottom dollar you won't regret it.

What is Bitconnect?

Bitconnect is a crytocurrency that is communtiy-based. It has four ways of making cool daily cash

Here they are:

(1.) Lending - this is the investment part where you earn 20% to 40% based on the cryto-trading activities of the coin (BCC). Min investment here is $100 and you can also compound to increase your earnings faster by lending out whenever you earn $10.
(2.) Staking - You simply buy the coin (BCC) and you earn monthly interest on holding the coin in your BCC wallet

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(3.) Mining - since it is a cryto-coin (BCC) it is mined daily and you earn as the mined coin increases in value on the open crytocurrency market which you can view on
(4.) Bitconnect's referral program - You earn from this through the seven (7) level deep referral bonus plan. From 7% on your level 1 referrals  to 3% on level 2 referrals; 1% on level 3-4, 0.5% on your level 5 referrals, 0.3% on your level 6 referrals and 0.2% on your level 7 referrals.
The *Lending* part of it is basically the investment part of the business where u earn on average *1%* daily!!
You then have the option of re-investing *since* the minimum amount that can be re-invested is $10
The *Staking* part of the business is for those who want to keep the main coin of the company in their BCC wallets. You earn between 5% to 10% extra on leaving it in ur wallet monthly, as well as, the coin value increases

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This excel sheet will show you the returns on re-investment of your daily interest:-
Overall, majority are much more involved in the *Lending* (investment part) since its a daily income flow
The last part of *Mining* is for those the coin blockchain miners. *I sincerely did not bother knowing much about this since it is a long thing lol*
*AND* it has a lucrative referral bonus plan attached to it.
So u basically earn on your downlines first-time investments and other re-investments too!!!
E.g You refer someone who does $100, u earn $7 straight since the person will be on your first level
So, imagine your referrals and indirect referrals daily re-investing as they earn daily!! *Let me leave that to you to calculate*
Your referral then goes ahead to refer another person which then be on ur level 2 and u earn 3% of whatever that person invests in lending

*Here is the 5 golden steps to getting started NOW!!*

1.Click Register here

2. Deposit Bitcoin on the bitconnect platform
(You can also chat me up for bitcoin purchases OR direct BCC purchase too)
3. Exchange the bitcoin to bitconnect coin
4. Click on Lend bitconnect to start lending
5. Interest/Profits start rolling in daily.

Same way when you want to withdraw - u convert ur earned BCC to BTC (all done in ur backoffice in few seconds) and send it to ur wallet
You do that through *BITCOIN*  u fund using bitcoin in dollars, exchange to BCC, and do ur lending with BCC.
 *How do I make deposit/withdrawal*?
*Do you know that with Bitconnect investment compounding, you can achieve this in just 10months?*
$100 (#40,000) investment can turn to $1000 (#400 ,000)
$200 (#80 ,000) investment can turn to $2500 (#1 ,000,000)
$300 (#120,000) investment can turn to $4,000 (#1 ,600,000)
$500 (#200,000) investment can turn to $7000 (#2,800,000)
$1000 (#400,000) investment can turn to $14,000 (#5,600,000)
This excel sheet will show you the returns on re-investment of your daily interest:-
pls download all the videos here and watch!!! *Everything you need is in there*

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  1. Nice Article.I am little confuced about investing in bitconnect the price of bcc is 118$.it’s right time to buy bcc?or it’s time to investing in lending platform?

    1. @andy bitconnect offers you option to use your Bitcoin to buy bcc and get a daily interest of 1% daily , if you have spare cash too you can buy bcc and wait for it to rise

      1. Thank You Mr Rayo. I would like to buy bcc first and then invest in lending is right decision or not?

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