Kanye West admits he bought his first phone in 2011 so he could tease Kim for marrying Kris Humphries(video)

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Kanye West has admitted he bought his first cell phone just five years ago.The 38-year-old rapper appears on the final episode of Khloe Kardashian‘s FYI show Kocktails with Khloe and in a teaser clip he reveals what triggered him to finally purchase a phone in 2011.

As he sat at a table with wife Kim Kardashian and guests Chrissy Teigen and John Legend host Khloe introduced the subject by revealing to the group that Kanye ‘just got a phone – he used to never have a phone’.

The hip-hop producer then explained: ‘I got a phone because somebody decided they wanted to marry Kris Humphries,’

‘I wasn’t up to anything, and I looked on the internet, and there was Kim Kardashian with some extremely tall person, and I was like, I need to call her or something.’

The star was of course referring to Kim’s ill-fated and extremely short-lived marriage to NBA player Humphries in 2011.

The duo married in August 2011 and Kim filed for divorce in October the same year citing irreconcilable differences.

And not only did the Gold Digger hitmaker reach out to the reality star but he used the opportunity to poke fun at the athlete Kim was about to marry.

‘I started sending her pictures of certain basketball players that used to be cool, that now they wear their pants all the way up to here’ he said as he raised his hands up to his chest.
‘This is your future!’ Kanye recalled teasing the KUWTK star.

Kanye and Kim started dating in April 2012 when she was still legally married to Humphries.
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The divorce was finalized in June 2013 and Kimye were engaged the following October.
Kim, 35, meanwhile discussed her difficulty juggling two young children in another teaser clip.

When Khloe asked if Kim was still breastfeeding, the TV star replied: ‘Nope. North West stopped that for me. She would cry so much and try to pull him off me.
‘She was so jealous she took her little milk box and put it in my bra with the straw sticking out and she wanted to drink while he was drinking.

‘This week she goes to me “Mommy I’m not mad anymore, you can feed baby brother I won’t cry”‘ and I was like “look honey, the milk is all dried up”‘

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