Kris Jenner Involved In Car Crash Broke Wrist And Her Expensive Royce Rolls(Photos)

Kris Jenner, a reality TV star and business mogul got her  family rushing to be by her side as she was treated by paramedics at the scene of a nasty car crash near her Calabasas home.

Medical care: Paramedics treated Kris while she remained inside the Rolls, because they didn't want to risk injuring her further by removing her from the car

The reality TV star and business mogul may have broken her wrist in the accident on Wednesday, according to TMZ.

Rattled: Rapper Kanye looked concerned as he arrived on the scene, along with fire crews and paramedics

Nasty crash: A green Prius, seen left, reportedly ran a red light and plowed into Kris' new Rolls-Royce as she drove on a surface street near their Calabasas family home

Medical attention: Kris was treated by paramedics while inside the car, while an ambulance stood by

Scary: Her one-week-old Rolls-Royce collided with the Prius on the 101 freeway after the hybrid car ran a red light, a Kardashian source told the site

And her daughters Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, as well as rapper son-in-law Kanye West and her boyfriend Corey Gamble were quick to arrive at the scene of the accident to check on her well-being.


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