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Lil Kesh Talks On Label Troubles, Pains

YAGI records owner, Ololade Keshinro known as Lil Kesh has revealed real reasons behind his new record label set up, challenges faced, as he tells all about his vision for the label.

According to Kesh, running a label is extremely challenging, citing that at his young age, the decisions brought nothing but more responsibilities upon him.

“It’s a bit more challenging, you know like you wanna be that 22 year old guy that you are, but you really can’t because you have got more responsibilities on you, controlling a business, your career.

It’s a good thing that I have YBNL as my management, they still do like the inside work that needs to be done, its just more responsibility”. He said.

“Setting the record label was just to let the legacy keep going, it started with somebody like badoo at a very young age as well single handedly built his career to a point that he did and he started believing in other guys. I was one of those guys that he believed in, picked me up and I am strong as I am now in the industry. That’s the legacy, I am doing well for myself today, its only proper I do unto others what he has done to me”.

Reacting to rumours about him signing any artiste under the label, he said “It’s a different thing to see talent in somebody and believe in the person, so its going to be the combination of both, like I am going to know what this person is capable of, the potentials and how far the person is able to use the talent. How hungry you are also goes a long way as well.

At this point, Lil Kesh is still growing and as Y.A.G.I records is concerned, am still the only artiste under it, still working on myself and Lil kesh as a brand. We are still shooting videos off the YAGI album, still going to drop new single, collaborations also tours as well”.

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