Make Hay While The Sun Shines

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The importance of the adage “Make hay while the sun shines” shall be emphasized through the story of Amos, the last and only male child amongs four daughters of his parent.

In a community where boys were highly revered, his birth came as a source of joy and fulfillment to his parents, especially his father, who needed a male child to hand over the family’s inheritance.

Thus, his father, Mr. Valentine, was prepared to sacrifice all that he had so that Amos would become a responsible man who would manage the vast estate and other properties of the family.

Unfortunately, Amos was never passionate about anything; he said to himself “I’m young and youthful, ohh how I have a long time ahead of me”

And so Amos spent more time playing and galivanting all around the neighbourhood with a group of boys in the neighborhood who also hardly had passion for anything.

His association with those boys deepened and soon, Amos picked up the habit of playing truancy at school. In no time, he was also introduced into smoking and excessive drinking.

An elder in the neighborhood, through his wisdom as an old man noticed this; he advised Amos to stop but instead, Amos told the elderly Man that he was young and that he had more time ahead of him so he should be allowed to have fun.

Mr. Valentine’s attention was drawn to the bad deeds of his son Amos and with in his fatherly love, he advised his son and also promised to give all that he wanted so that he would change but instead, Amos got worse as the days went by.

Amos’ smoking and drinking habit worsened so terribly that he could not go by a day without getting drunk and drenched on hard drugs.

Amos’ father became so worried about his son’s health which was beginning to fail.

Amos was immediately taken to a psychiatric hospital. During the period of Amos’ stay in the psychiatric hospital, his sisters had completed their education and were all gainfully employed.

Mr. Valentine had no choice than to turn over the management of his estate and vast resources to his daughters.

Some years later, Amos returned home after he successfully got treatment, and with the help and support of his sisters, he returned back to school.

But anytime he looked back at his past, Amos realized that he wasted his life. The statement on his lips was always ‘I should have made hay while the sun was shining…………..

Anjorin Deborah is a student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State.

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