Man Claims Girlfriend Died From Sex Related Complications (Read)

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A mum found dead in her bed was not killed by her boyfriend – but by an aneurysm brought on by having had sex, a court has heard.

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Former chef Robert Trigg, 52, denies the manslaughter and murder of his girlfriends Caroline Devlin, 35, and Susan Nicholson, 52, respectively.

The pair died five years apart but prosecutors say there are similarities in their deaths.

Sexual intercourse could have caused a blood vessel in Caroline Devlin’s brain rupture, a jury has been told.

A pathologist acting for Trigg’s defence team said her death could be from natural causes.

She was found unresponsive by partner Trigg at her home after going to a nearby pub and then visiting a neighbour to drink some more.

Trigg claimed he found Caroline in bed after they had sex and initially thought she was still sleeping until he tried to shake her awake.

A post-mortem exam at the time of her death gave the likely cause as a bleed on the brain from an aneurysm.

Lewes Crown Court heard yesterday Caroline’s high blood pressure, alcohol level and the fact she had sex the evening she died could have played a part in her death by raising her blood pressure and causing a blood vessel in her brain to burst.

However no obvious location of an aneurysm was found by the pathologist, only the thinning of an artery in the brain.

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