Mariah Carey wants a good Singer at Her Wedding

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Forget the time she was carried to her own concert or when she said she “didn’t know” J. Lo because Mariah Carey might have just had the most diva moment of her career. When asked by Entertainment Tonight who would be qualified to sing at her upcoming wedding, Mariah responded with, “f**king nobody.”

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However, even though no one is good enough to perform at her wedding, MC won’t be taking the stage at the event herself.

“Of course I’m not going to perform at my wedding. It’s not even gonna be like that,”Carey said. “I’m not even sure someone is performing. It’s more gonna be a small thing. We already did the thing with the ring. So, you know, it’s over the top already! It’s over the top enough.”

Life can be tough when you’re an elusive chanteuse, but if this is any indication of what her new reality show will be like, then consider the diva drama on lock.


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