Mavin First lady,Tiwa visits Orphanage

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Tiwa Savage admiring a baby Mavin Records first lady Tiwa Savage is currently in South Africa. The mother of one, Jamal took time out of her busy schedule to visit an orphanage while in Mandela’s country as she had planned sowing a seed while away.

Maybe because she has been through the pains and gains of motherhood, Jamil’s mum could not but cry when she saw beautiful children at motherless home. She shared this moment with her fans on Instagram.  Tiwa Savage cuddling a baby

“Today I visited an orphanage in Glenvista SA called “Door Of Hope” I think it is very important to try and sew a seed when I travel. I heard about this orphanage and how it started and I decided I had to go and do my little part to help. I don’t even know when I started crying uncontrollably.

These babies are so so so beautiful; I can’t imagine how much hardship and pain these mothers must have gone through to make such a difficult decision. I also thought of where these little ones would end up if no one adopts them.

we live in a harsh world and we judge people sometimes not knowing what their background is or what they’ve had to endure. I feel in love with their little souls, just watched some of them sleeping with their little hearts beating. God help us all create a better world for the little innocent ones

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