Gracie Davis

Meet 5-year old girl who buys toys for £2.50 and sells for more than £200 on eBay

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Gracie Davis
Gracie Davis

Most children wouldn't dream of parting with their favourite toys.

But when enterprising Gracie Davis, five, saw that her limited edition Shopkins toy - which she'd paid just £2.50 for - was selling on eBay for hundreds of pounds, she jumped at the chance to make a small fortune.

Helped by her mother, Jessica Davis, she put the toy on the auction website - and cashed in £201.67.

Gracie, from Farnworth, near Bolton, used her pocket money to buy the limited edition 'Gemma Bottle 0518' as part of a three-figure variety pack.

But it wasn't until Ms Davis, 32, was searching eBay for other items that she saw another similar Shopkins toy selling for $500.

So mother and daughter decided they would do the same and see how much the toy was worth.

There was a late rush on the bidding. With just seconds go to the winning bid was at £160, which then shot up to the final total of £201.67.

A number of people were monitoring the toy online and waited until the last minute to pounce and grab it.

A collector from Texas in the US eventually claimed the toy.

Jessica said: 'When she saw the items, we realised that the Gemma Bottle perfume had a tag that said it was a limited edition.

'Of course we didn't think anything else of it and it got put in the box with all the other toys.'

'It turns out there are only 2,500 Gemma Bottles that have been made in the world.

'When I told Gracie we could get some pennies for her piece, she was really keen to sell it.'

And Gracie has already spent most of her riches - on more toys.

Ms Davis said: 'We went round Toys R Us and had a big shop - she was in her element putting anything she wanted in the basket.

'Gracie loves the Shopkins - she's only five so she's quite creative and imaginative with them.


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