Meet Mr Christmas!!!He Celebrates Everyday Read What Happens Now

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This man who  calls himself Mr Christmas , revealed that he has to ask his neighbors to come and eat with him
Andy Parks aka Mr Christmas
He is a British man unintentionally pulling at viewers heart strings as he announced that he celebrates Christmas every single day of the year, but has nobody to join him in the festivities.

Andy Park, who is an electrician from Melksham, Wiltshire, styles himself as Mr Christmas, and he claims to have celebrated Christmas every single day since July 1993.

Mr Christmas showed Eamonn and Ruth of This Morning around his home, which is completely decked out in festive directions from both the inside and outside.

This Morning 08/08/2016 Andy Parks Mr Christmas

He started by explaining how he sends himself a Christmas card every morning and even signs it before sealing the envelope and posting it through his own letter box.

This Morning 08/08/2016 Andy Parks Mr Christmas

Once inside the house, Andy showed off the interior before taking the hosts on a tour of his kitchen, where he's always cooking Christmas dinner.

Oscillating between roast chicken and roast turkey, Andy cooks a full spread every single day with all the trimmings.

However, when asked by Eamonn who he eats all of that food with, Mr Christmas revealed that he normally dines alone, but sometimes he'll hope that the smell of the roast wafts outside and if a neighbour is walking past he'll ask them in to join him.

Andy did admit that the cost of putting on the most wonderful time of the year 24 hours a day, seven days a week had come at a large cost and at one point he had to stop.

The electrician said that he gave it up for a couple of weeks but thanks to a side business of making music he was able to start doing it again after the short break.




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