Men Only: 3 Nigerian men share what they really love about women

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Nigerian men would prefer the curvy woman. They believe her shape — big butt, tiny waist, huge boobs, long legs, pretty face – are all they adore on the female's physique. But there's more.
There are different reasons why men think women are “beautiful”. While some get overwhelmed with the physical appearances, others duel on the internal aspects of women. Be it as it may, most men can’t stop talking about how amazing some females are, especially the curvy ones.

Nigerian men, for instance, would prefer the curvy woman. They believe her shape — big butt, tiny waist, huge boobs, long legs, pretty face – are all they adore on the female’s physique. But there’s more. Three Naija guys shared with us what they really love about hot women.

What makes a woman beautiful?

Kola: “I don’t care what others say but if she is not beautiful on the outside, she’s not beautiful. A woman who doesn’t feel pretty about how she looks always doesn’t come out beautiful from the inside. They always push men away because they assume we don’t get to see them as beautiful. It’s sad.”

Collins: “I think a woman is beautiful when she is confident in herself. If she’s not, it makes others think she’s not date-able. Lol.”

Chuks: “A woman with brains is what I consider beautiful. You can have all the body parts, shape, skin color but if you can’t express yourself brilliantly or even think smartly, then to me you are not beautiful.”

How do you charm a beautiful woman?

Kola: “Beautiful women need the best things in life. Give her whatever she wants and tell her what she wants to hear and she’s all yours. Women want to be treated with care and love attention. Give her those just like you repeatedly tell her how beautiful she is or how lucky you are that she’s even smiling with you.”

Collins: “I don’t have to tell a woman that she’s beautiful because she already knows that. Do the little things like call her at work or after work, send her little gifts like chocolate, ice cream, recharge card or that make up kit you think will match her confidence. She will listen to you at least and you can take it from there.”

Chuks: “Match up to her standard. Go straight to the point with what you want with her. Be bold enough to tell her exactly how you really feel about her and if she’s intelligent and smart, you need not do further than that. Brilliant women don’t like guys who are timid or afraid or less confident in themselves.”

Do you think beautiful women give men the hardest time?

Kola: “Yes they do. When she’s too beautiful, she gets too confident and proud and thinks she’s above you. Sometimes, even if she really likes you, she’ll want you running after her like a slave. Sometimes, they get what they want but most time, they lose they guy.”

Collins: “They don’t if she gets you. That is if you really explained yourself to her and made her know what you want… date, fling or marry her.

Chuks: “Intelligent women know what they want and when they see it, they go for it. Sometimes, we don’t get to over work ourselves.”

Do you think beautiful women are active in bed?

Kola: “I have dated a few and many flopped. I am sorry to say no. lol”

Collins: “I don’t really know how to answer this question. I am not sure…”

Chuks: “Just as some handsome men can’t handle women in bed, so are beautiful women. Some can and some can’t but that doesn’t mean all beautiful women can’t handle their men in bed properly. Why am I even trying to answer this… it’s ridiculous. If you feel she’s not as good, teach her politely and without pride.”

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