Mexican Drug Boss Don Neto Released After 30 Years in Jail

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One of Mexico’s most notorious drug bosses, Ernesto Carrillo, is set to be released from jail after spending 30 years behind bars, Mexican media reported on Thursday. The media report added that the man, also known by his alias “Don Neto,’’ would now spend the remainder of his 40-year sentence under house arrest due to his poor health.

It noted that Don Neto would undergo medical treatment at the Puente Grande high security prison where he was being held, before his transport to Mexico City.

It added that he was arrested in 1985 for narcotics offences and for the murder of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency official.

Report says Don Neto, whose age is unknown but is believed to be somewhere between 73 and 86, was one of the founders of the dangerous Guadalajara drug cartel in Mexico.


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