Miracle!!!Surgeon restores girl’s face after serious burns

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She got her burns when she was nine. It happened during severe bombing of her village. Since that time parents tried to find help locally, but no surgeon would undertake the job of splitting her lower face part with melted and grew together with her chest.

recovery after surgery

Finally, parents brought her to US military base to seek help there. Militants contacted a surgeon in LA. He specializes on such surgeries and took the girl in. The treatment would lengthy and difficult. Zubaida had to undergo 12 operations. They have taken her skin from her back and transplanted it to her face.

miracle operation

Recovery was gradual, but it took much less than the doctor has expected. He thought she would need at least 3 years to get better. But she managed to get well in just one year!

wonder surgeon

Surgeon Grossman got really attached to the brave girl. She has a very bright personality and a real talent for dancing. He and his wife took her in to stay during the recovery time. The girl has almost become their family member and played with their kids’ friends.

saved life

After her complete restoration Grossman personally took his little patient home. He told his new daughter not to marry young. “If I find out you got married at 13, I’d bring it all back!”

girl restored

Her parents never expected such a miracle. They could not believe their eyes and never thought that such a restoration is possible!



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