Mother Of Two Gets Her Face Beaten Off During A House Party (Photos)





A mother of two, 26 year old Kate Nield , was left with horrific injuries after another woman, 29 year old Claire McCluskey, bit a chunk of flesh out of her face at a house party in Southport, Merseyside, on February 26.
Speaking after the incident Nield, said:
“She bit me and took a big chunk out of my face. "There was blood everywhere.” Doctors at Whiston Hospital spent an hour performing a skin graft on Miss Nield, taking skin from the back of her arm and putting it onto the damaged part of her face.

McCluskey, of Brook Close in Southport, entered her guilty plea during a brief hearing at Liverpool Crown Court on Thursday. The cause of the attack was not specified. The case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports to be prepared.  McCluskey will be sentenced on September 21.

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