Must Read For Ladies! Popular Big Girl Turns Into Huge Snake Minutes After Her Sugar Daddy Dropped Her

A popular ‘big babe’ in a university hostel turned into a huge snake after spending the night out with her sugar daddy in an hotel.
The student from the University of Nairobi in Kenya turned into a big snake some minutes after some strange man dropped her off in school after they spent the night out having fun.

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According to an eye witness, the event happened so fast and it left so many in shock.



She said:
“Everything happened so quickly, she had just alighted from the vehicle and I saw her walk into her room. I was on my way to her room when I heard her screaming. I quickly pushed the door open an behold I saw her turning into a snake, on her bed, right before my very own eyes.”


Authorities of the University have seized the opportunity by advising female students to desist from such dangerous acts in order to forstall occurences as this.

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Investigation is however on going, to determine the identity of the strange man that took the girl out for the night.

May God help us and Keep our Girls Safe.

Ladies! Desist from following Men Oh!


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