Must Read!!! See The New Trick Used To Scam Business Owners





Some social media users have taken to the Internet to describe horrible experiences that their businesses have suffered in the hands of unsuspecting fraudsters and thieves.

A Facebook user, narrated what she saw live at Apata, Ibadan, where an Hausa man bought a bag of rice from a woman, paid her #22,000, in #1,000 and #500 denomination, only for the money to later change to #10, and #5 notes respectively.

A friend also narrated her ordeal to me. A man came to the store where she works to buy three Techno phones costing over #100,000, only to discover that the money she was paid was fake.

Also in my area, there's been a lot of cases of people's bags being snatched on their way to work and back.

May God help us in this country....  If you have a similar experience please share with us, so that we can call the attention of the authorities to the menace be falling our Nation.

God bless Nigeria!!!

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