My Father Provides Bullet Proof Cars When I am In Nigeria – DJ Cuppy

Florence ‘Dj Cuppy’ Ifeoluwa and her fashion blogger sister Temi, daughters of Femi Otedola, were featured in UK’s Daily Mail newspaper. For the first time, the duo took fans on a trip into their luxurious lifestyle, their dreams, and having to navigate their career paths without giving heavy credit to their billionaire father.

dj cuppy

I think I am a great DJ. Network comes into it but if I don’t do well I won’t get asked back no matter whose daughter I am,” says Cuppy who owns 15 pairs of £1,000 headphones covered in Swarovski crystals.

“People saying “this DJ is his so and so’s daughter” it doesn’t bother me anymore as I love what I do,” the popular disc jockey continued, adding, “I only worry I am not going to make the impact I want to make. For her sister, Temi, she maintained that they were raised to do things for themselves.

“I think that is why my sisters and I go out and try to do our own thing because we want to be respected in our own rights,” she said. However, there is the downside of being the daughter of a billionaire, especially in a country faced with too many hardships, one where getting by occasionally means that people engage in criminal activities.


For Cuppy who realises this challenge, she admitted that whenever she is working in Nigeria, she travels “with a security team in a bulletproof car due to the risk of robbery and kidnapping.” But once they are back to the safety of London, they throw the best parties and shop at the best places.

“We have done Dubai and Paris but always come back to London,” Temi said, adding, “You have the luxury shops, luxury cars, luxury houses, you can spend the money you have worked hard making.”

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