My Marriage is Intact! – Actress Taiwo Aromokun tells Rumour Mongers

Earlier, there were reports making the rounds that Nollywood actress, Taiwo Aromokun’s marriage has failed. The Nollywood star has however debunked the rumours. Taiwo revealed this in a recent interview with Encomium Weekly where she denied any break up in her marriage. Calling out the rumour mongers, she said “Imagine someone that just arrived the country, one useless person has started peddling baseless rumour about the person.”

Further reacting to the news, the actress revealed, “I came back about two weeks ago with my twins. I have done one or two jobs since I came. I was surprised to hear that they said I have confirmed my marriage is over. Who did I tell that?” she asked.

“There is nothing wrong with my marriage. It’s very much intact. It’s unfair not to confirm things before jumping into conclusion.”

Taiwo Aromokun got married to Olayemi Lawal, popularly known as Ogun of Holland, on December 26, 2012 at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry, Lagos.

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