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Nature of Alarming Rape In Nigeria

The World Health Organization (WHO) sees rape as the act of forcing someone to have sex when he/she is not willing to.

This act may be carried out by physical force, threat, abuse of authority against a person who is incapable of valid consent such as one who is incapacitated or below legal age of consent.

There are different types, cause, consequences of rape on the victim. The Types of rape are numerous but we will examine a few.

Child rape refers to a form of child abuse in which an adult or adolescent uses a child for illicit sexual satisfaction or other purposes. This is one of such rapes committed mostly in Nigeria.

People who engage in child rape most times are people suffering from inferiority complex, those who lack the courage to approach the opposite sex for a relationship, or even sex.

It is a fact that every human being is a sexual animal and as such requires some manner of sexual gratification, a need someone suffering from inferiority complex may not be open about. Child rape is therefore, one of the unholy acts engaged in to satisfy this need.

It is pertinent to also mention that it is not only the girl child that suffers from this societal menace, her male counterpart is also at the mercy of ‘randy’ aunties, mummies and big sisters who exploit the innocent male child for their sexual gains.

Some persons rape children just to get to their parents, for instance if there's a misunderstanding between one parent and another, the aggrieved parent ,ay feel taking away the innocence of their young one is the best revenge for them.

Child rape in most cases is perpetrated by people the children have come to trust or have been entrusted to by their parents, and as such would not suspect their children are being abused sexually while the despicable act continues to destroy the child.

We can go on and on with regards child rape but we shall proceed to discussing adults being raped.

An adult’s rape can take the form of marital rape which is committed by a person to whom the victim is married.

It is an unwanted sexual act by a person’s spouse. Rapes can take other forms such as incest rape, acquaintance rape, date rape and even prison rape.

While incest rape involves family members or close relative, date rate involves an acquaintance with whom a person has some romantic relationship or may have some sexual relationship with.

The reasons why people rape adults are inexhaustible, but a few of them would be mentioned below.

Our society has become one where the western and local media supply endless fashion, celebrity and lifestyle contents that promote provocative or ‘semi-nude’ dress sense as well as luxury  lifestyle.

Many ladies addicted to Dstv’s E! Channel 124, have imbibed the provocative dress sense promoted on the medium, thus making themselves soft targets for rapist.

Some men are easily aroused by sight.

A school of thought even posits that any lady raped as a result of her indecent dressing deserves no sympathy because she called for it by tempting the lustful man.

I would however disagree with the above school, while I would not advocate provocative or indecent dressing; I also won’t want to believe that should be a reason why any man should not keep his lust in check.

People also get involved in rape for fetish, spiritual or ritual purposes. A spiritualist may ask someone seeking spiritual help for the advancement of their wealth, political ambition, career or business to perform some particular sexual activities which in most cases are harmful to the potential victim.

Owing to the risk involved, these people, who may not get consented sex to fulfill the spiritualist’s directive, resort to force and violent sex to achieve their aim.

Some persons become rapist due to peer pressure, desire for acceptance among their circle of friends or group,  idleness amongst others.

The consequences of rape includes shame, stigmatization, traumatization or contacting of incurable or deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, syphilis etc.

It may also result to unwanted pregnancy if the victim is not rescued on time or given prompt medical attention.

A rape victim may die during the act or after especially in a case of spiritual related rape or in a careless attempt to abort an unwanted pregnancy.

There is comfort measure for the victim which involves seeking Godly counsel, forgiving the rapist if possible requesting prompt medical attention or treatment.

As the Christians say rape is an act that defies the body which is the temple of God and whosoever defies God's temple shall be destroyed.

Joy Urunne is a student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State.


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