New trick used at ATM point to steal cash

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Winkmart wrote:I will like to bring this to your notice as it happened to someone close to me and it will be very useful to everyone, especially those that are totally dependent on MOBILE MONEY TRANSFER, through most of these banks' short code platform, GTBank in particular.

The access code to transfer money from your GTBank account is the last four digits of your ATM. This is a serious security lapses which should be replaced ASAP by the bank.

Now scammers are using that lapses to perpetuate evil at ATM points.

This is the modus operandi

While you are on the queue at the ATM point. The scammer will be right behind you and watching your ATM card if you carelessly have it with you. Once he is able to get the last 4-digits, then he is a step further towards scamming you of your money.

The next thing he does is to wait behind while you are leaving, he then walks up to you and claims he is extremely sick and expecting money from a relative and that he needs to call but doesn't have airtime on his phone. He will then ask if you could lend him your phone to call his relative. If unfortunately, that is the phone number you registered with your bank, then you are done.

He then walks to a corner and pretends as if he is calling. At a point, he will do as if he is trying to redial the number, where as he is already making an attempt to transfer cash from your account.

If he succeeds in transfering the cash, he waits until alert enters and then delete the message before handing over the phone to you.

I hope you are able to learn from this and never give in to anyone asking you for your phone at any ATM POINT. Not even only at that point, even in your home or hostel, your ATM now should be kept with all secrecy.

Banks should also note this and maybe work towards changing their system of using the last 4-digit numbers of the ATM as a pass code.

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