Nigerian Brothers Caught Posing With Cash And Expensive Watch After Dealing In Crack Cocaine

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A drug dealer was caught posing for pictures with large amounts of cash and expensive watches after supplying a city with heroin and crack cocaine.

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Kenechi Ochereobia controlled the drugs operation using a central mobile, but ran a network of drug couriers around Cardiff with his brother Oluchi.

Officers searching his home found around £23,000 in cash at Kenechi’s home in Cardiff, along with pictures of him posing with wads of notes.

He tried to hide his involvement by pretending to be a legitimate clothes distributor, whilst in reality he was getting younger gang members to run drugs across the country, reports Wales Online .

Kenechi and his brother contacted hundreds of numbers via text when they had supplies of drugs available, the Metropolitan Police said.

The brothers would receive orders back, and then instruct others to supply the users in Norwich. Their couriers would then collect the money in exchange for the drugs in Norwich.

The operation was uncovered following an investigation by the Met’s Trident and Area Crime Command, with support from colleagues from South Wales Police and Norfolk Constabulary.


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