Nigerians are happy people:see reasons here

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The United Nations has released its 2016 ranking of happiest nations and Denmark is on top of the list while Burundi is the least happy nation.

Our dearly beloved Nigeria is placed 103rd country making it the happiest country in West Africa. Of course, we know it’s not as high as Algeria which is on the 38th rank or Mauritius or Libya on 66th and 67th respectively, but we try to be happy, really. And we’ll be highlighting some of the reasons why Nigerians are happy people.

1. Football
Football is one reason Nigerians are happy. All over the country, there are groups of people – old and young alike who take football as a way of life. There are even social tournaments now such as the Socialiga and the TPL

South Africa African Cup Soccer
Nigeria fans celebrate in the stands as their team defeated Burkina Faso 1-0 in the final to win the African Cup of Nations soccer tournament, at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)
  1. Music
    Don’t mess with Nigerians. Whether we hear “It’s Young John the Wicked Producer” or “Legendury Beatz” or some old Nigerian musician from way back, we love music and we enjoy listening all the time. It may be on our headset or in the barbing salon when you’re cutting your hair, you feel slightly better with the right music.Nigerian-music

Food makes us so happy – so happy that we could forget our sorrows whenever we eat. From the woman who screams okpa di oku in Enugu, to the people at White House and their bomb ass rice and stew, to the Hausa mishai who’s making noodles in Lagos. Not to forget the dope ass party jollof ricejollof

  1. Party
    Nigerians love to party. We love to wear our favorite clothes and expensive jewelry and come out and dance. We love the thrill that comes with parties – be it weddings, birthdays and even nightlife. You know we throw the best parties and sometimes for the flimsiest of excusesView More:

  2. The Hustle
    It may come off as tiring but the hustle for the good life keeps us happy. Better put, the quest for the good good life makes us grind so hard we don’t feel it. That is the spirit of the average Nigerian.bricklayer

  3. Social Media
    Like it or hate it, social media keeps a lot of Nigerians happy. In a city where ther are people who have no off hours except on the weekend, social media is their one tool to meet new people and build new relationships and we cherish it a lot. From Facebook updates to tweets and subliminal messages and Instagram, or Snapchat videos, we love them all.face

From Shakitibobo to Yahoozee and back to Shoki, we love to wiggle and go down low and just shake body! In the line of a P-Square song “Even if you get money, dey jolly dey shake body.”Little-bo


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