NYSC Corp Member Shares Story Of a Deserted Community In River State(Gory Site)

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Reading through this article on hovabuzz got me goose pimp ling ,so many questions kept popping up but the truth stood as this is a live witness of all the agony the dwellers of these community are passing through.Looks like they have been forgotten,part of my questions are:Is this what the Niger Delta Avengers are fighting for?Are the other communities in the river rine areas experiencing this too?Is the government aware these people exist?Do they have representatives in the house or they are just a loner as the writer exclaimed.Read full article of these community here

Welcome to Oproama, a riverine community in Asari Toru local Government in Rivers state. Oproama community is surrounded by water, but a lonely island far from mainland of development. Making it an abandoned treasure and oil base.

The first time I arrived this community for my NYSC primary assignment, I felt this unimaginable love for this community even when the environment seem dry and far from Government recognition, development for an oil producing community. This is a community Shell, a global oil company explores oil, and yet Oproama can’t boost of electricity power supply for over one year. I came into this community to serve my country in November 2015, I didn’t see any traces of electricity power supply. Now am rounding up, this is July 2016 and yet Oproama is still in darkness. Light never come there.

Going to Oproama is by boat. When you are coming to Oproama community, just forget about mobile network communication. Once you land at the community jetty, the mobile network on your phone flies out as if you are on “lonely island” without communication. There is poor service for the 4 main telecom network in Nigeria in that community. Even when there is any form of network for the networks in terms of calls, it fluctuates, comes and goes like PHCN light that is not constant. For internet service, just forget about browsing when you come to this community.

I think the ministry of environment needs to visit this community. I just hope we won’t experience an outbreak of airborne or another form of diseases. This is because indigenes don’t have any reasonable place to empty dirts, wastes. They empty every of their waste inside their water, and they are surrounded by water. Their toilet waste is inside the water, unused thrash and other waste is that same water. And they swim the water, get fishes from this same water. A close observation when visiting this community, one will discover that the entrance of the jetty is smelling due to wasted deposited into the water. In as much as Corp members posted to that area are trying their best on sensitization, alternative ways of depositing their waste products, the Government needs to do something positive so that indigenes won’t be empting their dirts into the water. Ofcourse it’s a flowing water which channels to other areas.Continue Reading



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