One Paris attacker buried just a day before his brother was captured in Brussels police raid

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Paris Attacker Buried Hours Before Police Raid

Brahim Abdeslam, who blew himself up in November's attacks, was laid to rest the day before his brother Salah was captured.
One of the Paris attackers was buried just a day before his brother was captured in a dramatic police raid in Brussels, it has emerged.

Brahim Abdeslam, who blew himself up at the Comptoir Voltaire restaurant in November, was buried at a ceremony in the Schaerbeek area of the Belgian capital on Thursday.

Twenty-four hours later his brother, Salah Abdeslam, was arrested by armed officers in Molenbeek, a suburb more than 20 miles away.

The operation ended a four-month manhunt for Europe's most wanted man, who fled Paris in the aftermath of the attacks and made his way back to Brussels, where he was finally tracked down.

Media reports in Belgium and France suggest the video could have been captured so Salah could see his brother's funeral, or in order for the footage to be used in Islamic State propaganda.

The militant group has claimed responsibility for November's bloodshed in Paris that left 130 people dead.

Reports say investigators were at Thursday's ceremony, although it is unclear whether this played any role in the apprehension of Salah.

Two security officials told the website Politico that an unusually large order of pizzas convinced police a large group of people were hiding in the apartment where he was found.

The 26-year-old has told investigators since his arrest that he planned to carry out a suicide attack outside the Stade de France, but did not go ahead with his plan.

Abdeslam is co-operating with police and has been formally charged in connection with the attacks.

Prosecutors say Abdeslam has been charged with "terrorist murder", adding that despite his co-operation he plans to fight extradition to France.

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