Painter could face $3000 fine over Kim Kardashian Colossal nude

Sydney, Australia told the wall’s owner to remove the artwork

A Sydney, Australia restaurant owner will have to remove the nude mural of Kim Kardashian that stands more than two stories tall on the outer wall of his bar.

Zigi Ozeri, who owns Zigi’s Art, Wine and Cheese in the Chippendale neighborhood of the Australian city, is unhappy that the city council told him to remove the mural on Tuesday, just three days after Kim appeared there, the Guardian reports. Ozeri had not applied for a development application before the mural before its painting, and neighbor complained to the city about the art work.

In the mural, Kardashian covers her body with both arms wrapped around herself, with a smoldering gaze directed at passersby. The work is based on a selfie Kardashian posted earlier this month.

Ozeri, who called the move “classic Sydney,” told the Guardian that the removal of the mural was “narrow minded.”

“I guess a blank wall will soothe the souls of those who complained about it. Poor old Kim can’t catch a break,” he told the paper.

Ozeri or the painter, the artist known as lushsux (real name: Mark Walls) could face a $3,000 fine over the mural.

Times News

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