Plastic surgeon forged death certificate of Brazilian model who died when he was giving her facial fillers

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The surgeon whose model client died while in his care has been accused by Brazilian police of forging her death certificate to hide that he hadn't checked her medical history before operating.

Raquel Santos, 28, of  Sao Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, died of a heart attack on January 11 after Dr Wagner Moraes injected her face with 'filler' to remove the laughter lines that she despised.

And police say that Moraes, also of Rio de Janeiro, didn't ask Santos about her medication use - which included a banned horse stimulant - then tried to cover it up afterwards with a fake death certificate.

According to the Mirror, Police official Mario Jose Lamblet dos Santos said: 'She was checked twice by the doctor, once on the day of surgery and again afterwards,'

'During the investigation, we discovered that he only knew she was using anabolics when hospital staff declared her dead.'

That, police say, was when he illegally printed a death certificate for her.

Santos, who was described as a 'slave to vanity' by friends shortly after her death, was reportedly using a performance-enhancing horse medication called Potenay to improve results from her gym workouts.

The drug, which contains mefentermine, a cardio-respiratory stimulant, is increasingly used in Brazil by bodybuilders for muscle gain, but also raises users' blood pressure.

It is believed it may have contributed to the heart attack.

Miss Santos' best friend, Debora Azevedo, told Brazil's G1 website how the model, who left behind two sons aged seven and 13, was 'obsessed' with cosmetic surgery.

She said: 'She was very concerned about her looks. She would go off and have procedures without telling her friends so we wouldn't fight with her.

'She was so vain. She worked out religiously, she was as addicted to working out as she was to plastic surgery.'

Her boyfriend  said her quest for beauty was unnecessary and dangerous.

'I thought that she, ugly or beautiful, was fine as she was,' he said. 'But she always wanted more, unnecessarily.'


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