Police Arrest Man For Impersonating Jesus And Carrying A Cross In Public (Photos)




Artist and film maker Ilya Novikov, 23, has been arrested for impersonating Jesus Christ after he was spotted walking along a road carrying a huge wooden cross on his back in Perm, Russia.
Ilya, who  was accused of blasphemy by local church leaders was picked up by the police for being a potential traffic hazard.

A video which was filmed by an eyewitness shows the bearded artist wearing long flowing white robes, walking along the pavement with a T-shaped cross.

Motorists and pedestrians shouted insults at Mr Novikov, and one bystander called the police fearing he could distract passing traffic.

According to Mr Novikov, he said: “My friend gave me some wooden sticks so I made a cross out of them. The experience of Jesus Christ was repeated. People were laughing, shouting and mocking me.

“This reaction proves that the Bible story was true and that after 2,000 years people have still not changed – we are still cruel and intolerant to our neighbours.”

But Father Igor Anoufriev, the rector of the city’s Church of St George, has however, condemned the stunt as blasphemy.
“This, of course, offends believers. Nobody has the right to try on the image of Jesus Christ, who is our sacred lord,”

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