Police Officer Stoned To Death In Nsukka(See Why)

Corporal Robert Ugwanyi, was stoned to death for killing a commercial motorcyclist, Mr Festus Onah, shortly after he had come out from a restaurant, where he had gone to eat.

Onah, whose skull was blown open by the policemen’s bullet, had his brains splashed all over the area, prompting a spontaneous attack on the policemen by passers-by and other onlookers.

Before the incident, residents of Nsukka had been grumbling over the activities of policemen and thugs attached to the state Ministry of Transport, who stop motorists for their “MOT particulars” only to end up extorting between N10,000 and N30,000 from them.

The police killing occurred when some policemen attached to a task force set up by the Nsukka Local Government Council, were trying to compel or force traders to relocate to the newly completed Building Materials Market on the outskirts of the Nsukka metropolis.

South East Voice gathered that when the task force members were sealing building materials shops at the Beach Area, some members resisted, insisting that they had no reason to move to the new site as they were not affected by the local government by-law.

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