Police take ’43’ attempts to smash down a suspected drug dealer’s door

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Cops took FORTY-THREE tries to break down a suspected drug dealer’s front doorBemused neighbours filmed on their mobiles and chuckled as at least 10 officers spent more than two minutes trying to force their way in during a dawn raid.

A crowd gathered as the cops huffed and puffed with a battering ram before the terraced house’s uPVC door eventually gave way.

An onlooker said: “It was extraordinary. You half expected them to just give up and go back to the nick.

“It was like something from a police comedy.”

Officers are normally expected to take as few as four or five attempts to break down a door - or risk losing the element of surprise and allowing criminals to dispose of vital evidence.

The bizarre scene unfolded when officers scrambled to a home in Abbey Wood, south east London at 5.30am on Wednesday.

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The video was uploaded to Facebook by local Paul Dubens, sparking merciless ribbing of the Metropolitan Police officers involved.

Steve Collins said: “I think that copper trying to knock down the door needs to go to the gym.

"By the time they get in there, the tenant will have had time for his breakfast and two coffees.”

Anna Lambert said: “How many police it take to go through one door….50.”

The house was among 11 raided last week in a major probe in which class A drugs, £30,000 cash and a haul of weapons was recovered.

Eight men were charged with drugs offences.

The Met would not comment on the officers’ difficulty getting into the house, or whether anything was found inside.

Other forces have complained that modern uPVC doors are so strong they are essentially raid-proof.

In March cops in Cardiff used a chainsaw to force their way through a similar door.

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