POLITICS & POLICY:- 30 Billion for my Account.

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Davido claims his 30 billion. Akeredolu Rotimi migraine is getting same or more billions to fulfil his electoral promises.

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The statistics are not too friendly: In 2016, Ondo State got 70 billion naira as her statutory share of the Federation Account. Its IGR was some 8 billion naira.

The math implication is, for every 1 naira spent by this state last year, only 10 kobo was generated from here! And we are almost a state of 4 million people; almost as big as Gambia and Jamaica combined! For this administration to work, the sleeves must be rolled, and our muscular biceps shown.

Arakunri Akeredolu needs all the wisdom from experienced Magi, who would help him raise the needed financial capital to drive the shuttle buses; dualise more roads; build new bridges; employ more hands in public and civil services, and of course maintain the tempo of regular payments of salaries and emoluments.

Once again, Davido song comes to mind. Aketi needs a 30 billion in his account!

At POLITICS & POLICY, we would lend our voice to the various cacophonies of noises that ring the ears of the governor, on how to raise needed funds to implement lofty programs and policies. Here we go. Our figures would be approximate, but we are sure, that they are commonsensical.

1). About 300, 000 pupils and students attend our public primary and secondary schools. A Development Levy, of 1,650 naira per school term, paid DIRECTLY to government treasury would bring in some 5 billion naira.

Throw your fears away, the "Proprietor" next door; with his wooden school and make– shift office, collects 8,500 per term.


2).100, 000 metric tonnes of cocoa is the official production figure of this state from the Agric Dept. A tax rate of 3% as grading fees /MT would bring in 3 billion.


3). Not less than 500,000 shops, stalls and trading posts litter the streets and crannies of this state. At 1000 naira a month, for a year, such businesses could give this state, in taxes, some 6 billion naira.

4). About 200, 000 PAYE are presently not captured in the tax net of the state.

Auxiliary Nurses; private school teachers; shops and petrol station attendants; private security personnel etc., collect salaries and wages without putting back their share into the commonwealth. A 2 billon could be harvested from here.


5). About 500,000 buildings, houses and flats are all over the state. A tenement value of 1000 naira monthly would bring in 6 bilion annually.


6). Direct sale of commodities, and investments in bonds and treasury bills by the state should bring in a billion, yearly, as profits.

7). An estimated 40, 000 graduates work as doctors, engineers, teachers, bankers, lawyers, researchers.... in universities,hospitals, banks, federal and state MDAs here.

At a conservative 25,000 naira annual personal income tax contributed, the tax office gets a billion. ETC. You know the challenge and blockage to the type of assertions and postulations above?

They look simplistic. Too innocent, yet practicable. We have played with figures like these severally on this platform. But pearly diamonds are found mostly below a pile of debris. We would however still be altruistic with our intentions and writings despite.

But this same template was tried in Lagos. And today, Lagos generates more than 150% of its monthly handouts from the Federation Account while Ondo State's hover around 18%. But 18% is a conspicuous F score.

We can try harder. So my Fine Arts teacher once wrote across my drawings. Of course, politicians aided by unscrupulous public servants steal monies. They do too in America, they pilfer also in China.

But until governance here become a collective approach between the leader and the led, we would crawl deeper in our savagery and poverty, while other nations advance humanity as they attempt to build communes on the Moon, while we expect 2016 salary arrears from governors who are more clueless than those they even lead.

This Niger Delta oil can't quench our thirsts again even at $80/barrel.

The recurrent expenditure and personnel costs here is a cesspool that had mired the most honest political leader.

We therefore need to look inside our sokoto for our salvation. Lastly, don't wake up that argument – that Lagos collects its rates and rents from the ports and companies.

That would be, been ignoramus of our tax laws and statutes.

Private limited companies and industries pay their taxes to the federal government under the FIRS Act. Thus, Ondo State can be built by the yam seller at Ogbese.

And the okadas, taxis, and bus drivers would make more schools and hospitals to be built if their daily receipts are correctly syndicated and poured in into our collective purse–Another billion naira! Thank you again Davido.

Who knows, one day, we too may have a 30 billion in our account.

By: Taye Olanegan

Omosanya Olakunle

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