Pregnant Woman fined for using family parking space because she wasn’t a parent yet!

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A heavily pregnant woman was disgusted after she was handed a ticket in an Asda car park for parking in a mother and child bay.

The 23-year-old known only as Olivia, who is nine months pregnant, opted to park in the special bay when she couldn’t find a wide space near the entrance of the supermarket in Lower Earley, Reading.

When she finished her shopping she was furious to find that she had been given a parking ticket, Get Reading reported.

Olivia, who is from Caversham Park Village, found the attendant to explain why she had parked in that space, but was told that she ‘didn’t count as a parent yet’.

She said: ‘He was incredibly rude and told me I didnโ€™t count as a parent yet.

‘The manager then even said if I hadnโ€™t been pregnant he might not have even given me a ticket as I look so young and the upper age is 12.

‘I feel the situation was dealt with so badly and that in my stage of pregnancy it is unacceptable to expect me to try to climb out of a normal parking bay with cars either side.

‘There were no spaces at all where there was a space next to it otherwise I would have used one of them.’

The angry expectant mother told Get Reading that the ticket was issued nearly an hour after she had walked into Asda – so she couldn’t be sure that the attendant even saw her leave the car.

She has appealed her ticket and Asda has apologised for the incident.

The story has divided mothers on social media, with some claiming ‘Asda should be ashamed’ but others defending the store.

Jasmin Hamilton wrote on Facebook: ‘Absolutely disgusting that some are saying she was being lazy! I was as big as a whale when I was pregnant with my son and I struggled to get in my car all the time. ASDA should be ashamed.’

But Karla Bailey disagreed. She commented: ‘For goodness sake, she’s pregnant. It’s not an illness. What on earth did people do before mother and baby spaces? She wanted a space near the entrance but she was able to walk round the shop for over an hour.’

A spokesperson from Asda told MailOnline: ‘Our disclaimers do state the child must be with you in the car to warrant parking in the mother and baby spaces, which is why the lady received a ticket.

‘In terms of the store colleague being rude, I have spoken to the store manager at Lower Earley and he does not recall the incident itself.’


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