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Que Peller Opens Up On Doing Magic Like Father

Aquila records act, Abisoye Abiola Peller popularly known as Que peller opens up on his career and why he performs magic.

According to him, he performs magic in his musical videos just to honour his late father.

“I’m not considering doing magic full time. My father did magic so whenever I perform magic, I use it to honour him. My siblings believe I should do magic full time even if it is just to honour our father.

I infuse magic in my performances and videos for people to remember the good works of my father and how great he was. The magic is for my father while the music is for me.  Also, the magic part is used to entertain my viewers a little bit”. He said

Que who said music has always been a part of him said “I can’t remember how music started for me but all I know is that while I was growing up, I loved music, I loved to perform. I was always listening to music and putting music together. Also the friends I had during that time were also into music so when it was time to go to the studio after school, we all went together.  But at a point, I had to drop music because of my education. I had to finish my degree but once I was done with school, I went back to doing music. It all started when I was a kid. I was influenced by listening to a lot of different songs”.

On whether the magic are real or not, Que said “No, they are not real; they are just some graphic representation to illustrate the story. The magic in the video is just accompanying the story”.

Que Peller who got signed on to Aquila records, owned by Shina Peller has singles like ‘Juru’ and ‘Eleniyan’.

He is the son of a popular Nigerian magician, late Professor, Moshood Abiola Peller, also known as  Professor Peller

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