Read What A Dog Did After Its Owner Had A Drastic Weight Loss

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According to a popular saying that A man’s best friend may be his dog.But after this pooch’s owner had a weight loss after a prolonged stay in hospital, it took a while to sniff him out, even though he was only metres away.

The reason for Willie the dog’s confusion? His master had lost so much weight that he didn’t recognise him.
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Shane Godfrey, from Sanford, North Carolina, was hospitalised for five weeks due to complications resulting from flu, and nearly lost his life.

Unsure of who the thinner man was, Willie barked as he cautiously approached the 'stranger' - but then his smell senses kicked in

The video of their reunion on Facebook has since gone viral, garnering more than 373,000 views

During that time, he lost more than 3.5 stone (50lb) – and when he arrived home, his canine buddy started to bound across the lawn to greet him, as seen in this heartwarming video footage.


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