Read Experience Of A Young Man Whose Admirers Are Married Women Only

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This story shared by an online user identified as Leej might seems funny , but is a serious issue that the writer has been worried about.

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He Wrote:

As early as when I was 15 years old I have always experienced married women chasing me.

It started from my neighbor's wife at the age of 15. She would always want me to come over and play at her place (at first I thought she was just been nice) until she touched me wrongly. She would always want to kiss me and make me touch her boobs.

I stopped going to their house because I felt helpless when she kissed me and I couldn't stop her and I didn't want to be in that position ever again.

It got so real when I got admission into the University at the age of 16. I was approached by my female lecturer whom I know she would definitely be married.She told me I was handsome and smart, I was happy to get such compliment from her. She offered to drop me off at the school gate which I accepted. On getting to the gate she requested she drop me off at my house, I didn't feel comfortable about it but she insisted. We got to my street and she parked. She requested for my phone contact and requested we meet at a guest house the next day after lecture. I refused and she was not too happy about it. I got down form the car and she drove off.

The next day she saw me in class was was acting strange. I couldn't even look in the eyes. I was so uncomfortable throughout her lecture. After the class, she called for me in her office, which I knew I must go. I got there, met another female lecturer in her office ( They were close friends) because she was comfortable telling me that I refused her proposal in front of her.

I pleaded with her to let me be and she said okay that if that is my wish she would let me go and not disturb me anymore but I should just know the kind of opportunity I just missed.

A week later, I saw her friend ( the older lady in her office) who was much more younger than she is but also married. She called me up ( she recalled my name so well ) and she told me not to mind my lecturer that she would help me talk to her that she won't disturb me and she would not temper with my grades as long as I start hanging out with her and promised to take good care of me (from Frying pan to Iron pot).

I couldn't help it, I was too young to handle all that pressure so I informed my parents who didnt think twice and told me that I am nit going back to that school. ( That was how I dropped out)

The next year I got admission into a polytechnic, where I found peace for about a year. The second year was another drama with one of my Female lecturer (She was much more old than the former) she had very beautiful long grey hair and was very smart. I had always admired her hair and looks but not to the extent of wanting anything to do with her. ( Everybody admires her hair and look).

Fortunate and unfortunate for me, I caught her eyes and she called me up. To cut the long story short, she asked me out and I refused with style. This time I was wise enough not to inform my parents ( I was going to handle the situation).

I didnt give her a straight answer ..I didnt say Yes nor No, I just played along and became her friend. She calls for me and I answer her but I always try to avoid her inviting me to anywhere. I was able to meet her beautiful daughter who just traveled down from UK for her hols. I was so close with her that i told her "instead of me dating her why can't she just allow me date her daughter" she would just smile but I knew that smile meant you are not getting off so easily. It got to a time she started inviting me over to her house and all I did was to promise to come and failed her not knowing she had other plans for me. She caught me by the balls by giving me a carryover I can never forget my score (19/100). My eyes almost popped out when I saw the result. I rushed down to her office and complained to her and she said in her words " You think you can say no to my proposal and go scout free? ). I had to rewrite the paper the next year and luckily she was asked to take another course. I got 89/100 by the way!!

Fast forward to recent time...

I think I have a sign board on my forehead saying "Married women holla me" ..I can count over 30 married women whom have disturbed me over the years. If I didnt know better I would think I was being set up. Recently, most of the married women on my matter are my ex who don't want to give up on me. I tell them things that will make any woman stay away from you forever but it doesn't work on them. Some would get angry insult me and tell me I feel too proud but chat me up months later like nothing never happened.

I go as far as lying to them that I am married too and I dont have time for them but I get replies like " that is the fun part none of us will feel guilty" or "It makes me want you the more" or "You know I love you more than your wife (weird I know but I get it ) etc.

I don't know if I am the problem or they are.

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