Read Ruggedman’s Tribute to Nomoreloss

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Ruggedman wrote an emotional tribute to singer and songwriter, Nomoreloss who passed away yesterday.

Ruggedman wrote,

“My brother @mrnomoreloss.

Those who never called to ask how you are doing will appear. God knows and sees all.

Those who demanded for money before playing your music or showing your videos will now play it cos after ur death, it is now good material for their shows. God sees all.”

“Great talented, funny n creative you. So i will not call you “Amonalis” to ur hearing and i will never hear you call me “reptile” in this life time. I appreciate every contribution you made to my career. God bless you bro, till we meet again…..who knows, we might finally get to do Ehen part 2. God rest your soul.”
Nomoreloss made Ruggedman’s ehen single Track an epic thing wayback

Nomoreloss got married to Rhythm 93.7 FM OAP Phoenix (Adeola Osinuga) in 2008, and they are blessed with a baby girl.
R.I.P Bro

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