Read This Comic Conversation Between Dogara And Punch News Reporter

Dogara has claimed that he is not worried by the allegations levelled against him.

On whether the House will sanction Jibrin on the matter, the Speaker said the Chairman of the House’ Ethics Committee was in the best position to answer the question.

The following encounter took place between the Speaker and reporters:

Reporter: What informed your visit to the Presidential Villa this Friday?

Speaker: You mean I can’t come and see my President? Do I need any reason to come and see my President? It was a private visit.

Reporter: Was the issue of alleged budget padding discussed?

Speaker: What is budget padding?

Reporter: The language emanated from your chamber

Speaker: I don’t know, educate me. I am a lawyer and the Speaker and I have never heard of the word “padding.” What does “padding” mean?

Reporter: Your former chairman of Appropriation Committee is saying you padded the budget. What is your reaction to that?

Speaker: Ask him. He who alleges must prove; that is the law in Nigeria.

Reporter: Are you not going to defend yourself?

Speaker: Am I before a court?

Reporter: There are people saying you should reconvene the House before September resumption time and step aside for thorough investigation to be carried out. What is your reaction to this?

Speaker: We have rules and regulations. This is not a mock institution, we operate by rules and we will follow the rules.

Reporter: Will you resign?

Speaker: Resign for what? For what?

Reporter: On this allegation.

Speaker: What is the allegation?

Reporter: That you and some members of the leadership padded the budget.

Speaker: What is padding? You haven’t told me. Ask Jibrin what is padding? For me, I studied Law and I have been in the legislature and all this period I have never heard of the word “padding” being an offence under any law. If I don’t know, you are the media, research the law and let me know

Reporter: Are you worried?

Speaker: Worried for what? Worried over nothing? Why should I be worried? As far as I am concerned, I am not worried over anything.

Reporter: Will there be sanctions for Jibrin?

Speaker: I am not the Chairman of Ethics Committee of the House so I wouldn’t know and I don’t know what padding means.

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