Read This!Driving In Front,Alongside Or Behind A Truck Is Very Dangerous(Photo)

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Couple of Weeks ago,Someone posted a write up on Nairaland, with the title WHY YOU SHOULD'T RIDE ALONG SIDE A HEAVY TRUCK.,I read the article and it was quite convincing and I was looking for a perfect time to share with  Readers of this Blog.

Last Monday after the African Fashion Week trip,I decided to take my Vehicle for repairs owing to the fact that the gear was bad as it almost ruined the engine.As the Mechanic/Spare part dealer was fixing the carefully manipulated mechanism,My eye caught a glimpse of my friend riding into Ilesa garage in his Uncle's Prado jeep.I beckoned on him,after we exchanged pleasantries,he asked what my mission was at the garage I explained ,after which I asked what he's was.

He had dropped his uncle fondling called  'Alhaji' off earlier before noon at his business associate's place where they were to embark on a journey to Ibadan in the other man's Jeep also a Prado.He Said Alhaji's call was what brought him to the garage as regards to been involved in an Accident.I jumped into the vehicle to sympathize with him,so we drove some meters to where Alhaji was.As we all know Onlookers got the screen of the incidence,sympathizer and all   but bless God no one was injured, only the Vehicle was badly damaged from the back as a result of strong impact from the truck.

The Driver had been apprehended and was be questioned as we arrived the scene.Notably,he was still in shock so much couldn't be heard off him.He could only mutter a word "break failed"

Alhaji's Statement

We had stopped at the NNPC Mega Station along the Akure-Benin Expressway for a refill when we noticed the way the Truck Over- sped and we were discussing how reckless the driver was.After We refilled the vehicle,Alhaji's Friend Said 'I noticed the truck again from a distance ahead and I decided to overtake.I was making good use of my side mirrors and noting the way this reckless driver was maneuvering behind.There was another truck in front so I made move to Overtake for safety.I had sped off thinking the dangerous truck was out of site ,I was approaching a  bump at Ilara-Mokin road when I noticed this Vehicle had overtook others and was driving dangerously towards us.I couldn't do much speed on the bumps, last thing was a very loud sound and a continuous pushing till I reasonably applied breaks' 

What a Miracle you would say and give thanks to God?Yes it was and the driver was smart enough not to be behind the other truck.If they had been behind and this dangerous truck ran into them....We all know the end point.


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