Read!What A Man Did To Join Fight Against ISIS

Builder says he relies on “common sense” as he fights alongside Kurds against the Islamic State

Tim Locks

The rocket launched with a loud bang and the sound reverberated through the air. Tim Locks faced an agonising few seconds’ wait before it reached its target and a cloud of dust and smoke rose from where the building had been.

It was a perfect, direct hit and his comrades let out a huge cheer.

Tim was on the front line in Kurdistan and inside the building had been IS jihadists, also known as Daesh .

But Tim has never been in the army, nor has he had any military training.

He is believed to be the first British civilian without a military background to head to the front line.

Just a few months earlier he had left his comfortable life in Britain to fly to the war-torn region as a volunteer, to fight against IS with a Kurdish militia group.

Tim Lock

The 39-year-old sold everything he owned, including his home, and shut down his construction business after watching news reports of the atrocities carried out by IS terrorists.

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