Really!!!After Been Buried A Year Ago,Man Shows Up Again At Family House

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It all started last year when Waluyo left his home to work as a street cleaner in the city of Semarang in order to support his family. His wife, Alim Eskatinah, got a call from the police that he was involved in a serious car accident and was in critical condition at the emergency room. The whole family and some of their neighbours rushed to the hospital to be by his side but the injured man died after a few days. . He then died on May 7, 2015. Many came to his funeral, all the neighbours came,” Waluyo’s daughter, Anti Ristanti told Indonesian newspaper, Detik.

Then, a few weeks ago, the man returned home. He was greeted with a unique mix of happiness and horror by his distraught family.

“Is this real or not? I have to step back [to see him], how can a dead person come back to life? I’m shocked,” his wife, Alim Eskatinah, told local reporters.
She was so shocked to see the man they had buried standing in front of her that she didn’t even believe it was him until she checked some distinctive physical traits.

“He had a scar on his back because of a skin condition,” Alim said. “He also had a missing tooth.” They all checked out, but just to be sure, the family asked him to name a few of relatives.

After passing these strange tests and hearing their story, the confused man told them that he had been in Semarang all this time, but since he didn’t have a mobile phone he never got in touch with them. He had no idea his family had buried him back home.

Shocked at the news, the police have visited the man since his return to find some answers to this mystery. Unfortunately, having been pronounced dead, Waluyo will now have to go through several lengthy procedures to legally return among the living. He will have to be re-introduced into the country’s population database and apply for a new identity card and family card, among other things.

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