Relationship: Signs You Are Dating A Toxic Person

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The biggest signs that somebody is toxic in your relationship are:

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If you become the root of all evil.

If anything that goes wrong is always your fault.They could never admit to being wrong. You always got to beware of someone who cannot say “sorry.”

Someone who can’t say “sorry” you know that as soon as it hits the fan and it gets difficult you’re going to be in a bad time with that person.

Anybody who looks to do damage.

Psychologists call it “scorpion behaviour.” If you get close to a scorpion and a scorpion gets scared, then that stings you.
A bad, toxic partner, when they are afraid, won’t tell you they’re afraid. Instead, they’ll just sting you. They’ll try to do damage.

Toxic partners won’t actually talk through things or be vulnerable with you. Instead, they hide.

Toxic partners will lie about anything.

They’ll find any way to make you the crazy one. Such a person will erode your confidence over time in a very powerful way.

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