Russian mum BEATS terrified son, 2, before sending footage to ex as ‘punishment’ for leaving them

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A TERRIFIED toddler was filmed being beaten by his own mum - who then sent the footage to her ex-husband to punish him for walking out on their marriage, it has been claimed.
The horrifying video footage - which has gone viral - shows the little boy, known only by his first name Sasha, cowering as the blows rain down.

Police are now investigating after an anonymous relative claimed to have received a tape of mum Tatiana attacking her son at the family home in the south-western Russian city of Rostov-On-Don.

Local media said that Tatiana was furious when the husband "abandoned them" when he announced he was filing for divorce.

The bitter ex-wife then started beating the little boy to punish his father, they report.
The unnamed relative said: "She was blackmailing her husband with these videos and was sending them to his sister."

Mum Tatiana is apparently screaming in the background as she hits her son, saying: "There you go you little sod!

"I will make you miserable because of every wrongdoing of your dad.

"And it will go onto your dad sort things out, did you get me?"
Little Sasha has reportedly been taken away from the mother and placed in a hospital for treatment.

Medics confirmed the boy's body had been badly bruised, but he is not expected to have any permanent physical damage.

His family said however they were more worried about the mental scars, saying he had become shy and was refusing to speak to any adults.

His grandmother and aunt on his father's side are now fighting for custody of the boy.

Police and the prosecutor's office are investigating the case.


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