26 Year-Old Sales Manager Who Had Stroke Describes His Pain(Photos)

A man who suffered a stroke aged just 26 has described the "excruciating pain" which nearly killed him.

Joe Bowes was at his flat in April 2014 with his then-girlfriend Michaela when he temporarily lost his sight.

Michaela, who is now Joe’s wife, called an ambulance, but it was doubted he was having a stroke due to his age.

Joe, now 29, told the Teesside Gazette : “When it happened it was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt.

“It’s as if someone’s pouring molten metal into your head."

“Turns out you’re feeling that part of your brain die.

“I described the symptoms to the woman on the phone.

"She thought I didn’t meet the criteria because I was young.”

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