See 15 Things That Every Good Husband Must Do

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Ever wondered if your partner stacks up to what a ‘good husband’ should be? Well one writer thinks she has the answer.
Rachel De Castro, a writer for website Family Share, has outlined the 15 things that she believes make for the ‘best husband ever’.

But according to counselling and education service Relationships Australia sometimes it’s not as simple to be a ‘good’ partner all the time.


Firstly, Ms De Castro says, is if your husband trusts you and is loyal to you, these are two signs that he is a good partner.

Other things he can do to show he cares is knowing your taste, like your favourite chocolate or the genre of films you like, or giving you time to yourself when you need it.


Remembering holidays and special events is also important, as is consoling you when you are sad.

Ms De Castro outlined important emotional things good husbands do, like believing in their wives, making sure they feel loved and valuing their feelings.


She also stated that laughing at your jokes, as well as laughing and smiling with you were very important for a good marriage.

Another big thing that makes a good husband? Helping out with the house work. ‘He washes the dishes and takes care of the kids without you even asking,’ Ms De Castro wrote.


However according to advice from Relationships Australia, having a good marriage isn’t as simple as doing 15 small things.

‘Respect, companionship, mutual emotional support, sexual expression, economic security and, often, childrearing, are all important parts of an adult relationship,’ Relationships Australia’s website states.

The experts say that rather than worrying about small things, open and honest communication is the biggest way to be a ‘good’ husband.


He trusts you
He is loyal to you
He knows your tastes
He gives you some time to yourself
He remembers holidays
He helps you be better
He laughs at your jokes
He believes you
He laughs with you
He values your feelings
You feel loved by him
He makes your complicated life easier
He helps you with house work
He consoles you when you’re sad
He adores your smile


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