See How Father of 2 uses Facebook to Lure, Rape, Rob Ladies

A 30-year-old father of two, Oluwole Falaseye, who specialize in luring, raping and disposing ladies of their valuables has been arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force.

Falaseye who use Facebook for the heinous act, poses as Nipheme Ajanaku, an Abuja based bank manager, hooks up with unsuspecting young ladies, gain their trust before arranging a meeting with them in a Lagos hotel where he execute the act.

His latest Victim, Tinuke, a student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State, was sent by her cousin, Mercy, a student of Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, who Falaseye had invited for a birthday party at Opera Hotel, at Rasaq Junction, Festac Town, last Friday.

Mercy was said to have sent her cousin because she had other engagement outside Lagos.

Narrating her ordeal and how the suspect withdrew N172,000 from her account at the, Atinuke said: “While at the hotel room, he demanded for my ATM pin, saying he wanted to transfer N30,000 into my account. I was initially skeptical, but gave him because he said he was a bank manager and that his boss owned the hotel.

“He offered me an alcoholic drink, but I declined because I don’t take alcoholic drinks. He offered me another, saying it was not alcoholic. I took it. That was all I could remember until I woke up to discover he raped me.

“I was bitter, because he is not my boyfriend and I never bargained for such violation. He apologised and we went downstairs for the supposed birthday. He later told me he was going upstairs to see his boss.

“I waited endlessly without seeing him. When I went to the room, I met the door opened, with the key still with me. I was shocked.

“I discovered that my phones, a Samsung Galaxy S6 and another small phone, my necklace, ATM card and my wristwatch were gone. I went downstairs to inform the receptionists about the development and also asked if they saw him leaving.

“They said they do not keep tab on their customers. I raised an alarm which attracted people.”

Mercy determined to bring her cousin’s violator to book engaged another lady to reach the suspect on Facebook, as expected he invited the bait to a Festac hotel, only to be arrested by the police.

In a report by Vanguard, Falaseye, a secondary school dropout said lack of funds to pay for his three-year-old baby’s medical bill led him into such dubious acts.

He said: “This is my first time of doing this. I sell shoes and suits and I travel round Nigeria to buy and sell. But business has been bad and I didn’t have anybody to ask for money to foot my three-year-old baby’s hospital bill.

“So I just figured out that I could meet the girl I have been chatting with and take her phone to sell. Yes I stole her items.

“I told her to wait in the bar, while I went to the room, took her items and fled. I sold her phone for N20,000.”

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