See How Much It Costs To Keep A Friend In Britain-According To Study

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Best friends maybe priceless but the cost of keeping the relationship alive is £23,870.

Friends out for lunch

According to a study, a BFF (best friends forever) does not come cheap with devoted pals blowing £4,679 on birthday presents alone over a lifetime.

And while it costs nothing to be a shoulder to cry on, big hearted Brits go the extra mile and splash out £168 on pick-me-ups to get their mate through a rocky patch like the break up of a relationship.

There’s a further £242 spent on presents to show how much they mean from gifts bought on holiday to treats for no reason.

And distance does not break up a close friendship as BFFs fork out a whopping £18,000 on travel to see each other despite being miles apart because of university, jobs and marriage .

The study by cashback site TopCashback found on average a bestie who weds can expect £431 lavished on them from hen or stag nights to presents and a further £283 on gifts when they have children.

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