See How Much This Single Mum Of Two Makes Riding Keke In Lagos (exclusive)

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It's amusing when I see a woman doing what is widely attached or known as a man's job.

The Like of Sherifat , a single mum who hails from Agege local government area of Lagos state is stunning .

In what I would call a chat rather than interview, sherifat shed more light on her experience working as a keke operator in Lagos and her earnings .

Looking beautiful and minding her business I was intrigue as to what prompted her to the business , though she's not the first keke operator I have met but Sherifat looks calm , decent and approachable.

After few minutes in her keke from Ogba bus top to Ikeja under bridge , I had noticed a few thing about Sherifat , from the way she maneuver her way around traffic to the ease pass she gets from other male drivers on the road to how she carefully use the side mirror and the music blasting from her keke, I must confess it was an awesome experience .

In the traffic you could see the amazement in other commuters face as a woman keke operator is seen competing with male contenders.

I concluded 'it's all about the paper baby' lol

As we approach the last bus stop, I took my phone and made a video of Sherifat driving and had ask her if she could have a chat once we are at the bus stop, she said ok...I was happy and ready .immediately I could notice how beautiful and smart she was by her question . She asked : Are you with Uber ? I answered No . She must have over heard me dispatching some jobs to our drivers during the ride. I immediately identify myself as a reporter and her job is what interest me . We continued and I asked a few questions .

In her words she said :

' My name is Sherifat I'm a single mum of two , from Agege local government in Lagos . I have been riding keke since 2015 ,it's a very profitable business and I have not regretted venturing into it since '

Asked how she started in 2015, she said

' I have done other business before this but I wanted something more profitable and lest time taking as I wanted to look after my kids and also make money , I went to meet the keke chairman and he gave me one keke as a test .After a month he saw how effective I was and he was impressed. I was able to deliver my quota as agreed and my savings on the other hand was good .After 6 months I was able to gather enough money to get a keke on hired purchase and in a year I was able to balance up for the keke making it fully mine .

Asked how much she make daily she said :

'Daily I make N13,000 and at most N15,000'

Baffled I asked further how come?

She said :'yes that's what I make , I get out by 6:30am and back by 6pm for security reasons . I save N4000 daily for one 'Ajo' and N2000 daily for my personal expense,while the rest goes to fuel and my keke maintenance.

At this point I was wondering how hard working and committed Sherifat is to her hustle . Asked how she balance up time with fun and work .

She said :

'I don't have time for men or fun! My fun is my job and taking good care of my kids' I leave the house early everyday and work hard no time for rubbish '

Asked her advise to other women out there ,

She said : 'I will like to say anything you find doing , do it well ' you don't have to depend on a man for survival'

This is Sherifat's story what's yours ???

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Note : Ajo is the thrift contribution done by natives in Nigeria.

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