See Man Who Makes N30,000 for Showing Off His Finger Nails (Photo)

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‘Show me your fingers’, I remember the dreaded Uncle T screaming at me on the assembly ground then at Ojo High School Ojo, Lagos.

On this fateful day I remembered he spanked the back of my fingers with a cane for having my fingernails shooting a little higer than the tip of my finger.

I guess Kenyan John Waweru either never had an Uncle T in his life or had fogotten the lessons such uncles tried to impress on him.

finger nailsThe 34-year-old man, whose finger is 30CM long is said to have the longest finger and Africa and makes money daily for showing those fingers off.

According to report, he he has built a four-bedroom house and even opened a nail salon from monies his finger nails fetched him.

The Kenyan claims, he makes between KSh 2,000 and KSh 10,000 a day (equivalent to N6,219 and N31,099) from tourists who love taking pictures with him.

Little did Waweru know that those fingers on his left hand, which he started keeping since 2002 could become a major source of income for him.


Dayo Oluodo

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